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  • How Iconic Prints Were Edited in the Darkroom

  • How Iconic Prints Were Edited in the Darkroom Cuánto ha cambiado en este aspecto eso que hoy seguimos llamando fotografía; pues en el pasado uno esperaba haber realizado la toma lo más cercano a la perfección para así no sufrir con múltiples mascarillas en el cuarto oscuro, entre menos hubiera que hacerle más feliz se era. Hoy, por el contrario, desde el instante en que abrimos la foto e[...]
  • Tips for Photographing the Perseid Meteor Shower

  • With the Perseid meteor shower hitting its peak this next week (8/12 & 8/13), here are a few photography tips for capturing the moment. 1. Find a location far from city lights. The darker the sky, the better chance you have of photographing a meteor. 2. If you have access to a tripod, you will want to bring it to set up your shot. A camera needs to be stabilized for long exposures. [...]
Photographer Biographies
  • Photographer Biographies

  • PHOTOGRAPHER BIOGRAPHIES A collection of biographies on famous photographers, here I provide a list of world’s most famous photographers and an insight on their personal and professional life. On each you could find their biographies, photographic styles, and examples of their work. Some photographers are self-learners while others have degrees, but all have their own unique styles tha[...]
  • Biografías Fotógrafos

  • BIOGRAFIAS DE FOTOGRAFOS En esta sección hice una lista de los personajes más relevantes e influyentes en la historia de la fotografía, fotógrafos famosos que han sido decisivos en el desarrollo de la fotografía actual. Sus biografías, las trayectorias que llevaron a cabo en su época, todos sus descubrimientos, incluyendo algunas de las imágenes más destacadas de estos fotógrafos. [...]
Photographer Biography - WITKIN, JOEL PETER
  • Photographer Biography - WITKIN, JOEL PETER

  • WITKIN, JOEL PETER USA, 1939 Joel Witkin claims that his unique visual sensibilities began to come about when, as a small child, he witnessed a terrible car accident in front of his home, in which a little girl was decapitated. He recalls her head rolling to his feet, her dead eyes staring upward. This was the chilling feeling and mood he tries to convey in each of his works. [...]