My 2016 Emily Ley Simplified Planner

OMG guys! Look what I’ve received in the mail today <3 My Emily Ley Simplified Planner! The Simplified Planner is a beautiful, joyful agenda for busy women in all seasons of life. Designed minimally on purpose, its open pages serve as a fresh start every day. Emily Ley's mission is to inspire women to organize, simplify, and carve white space for the good stuff of life. The Simplified Planner has been an integral tool in helping me juggle two businesses, my portrait studio and fine art photography online store. I love seeing my day-to-day schedule, my entire month (and year!) all in one place. It's so nice to feel organized so that I can spend time enjoying the little things in life! 2016_cristinaphotography_cristinaarce_emily_ley_simplified_planner_01



Just look at these little gold pinneaples! <3 I was not sure if I wanted the happy stripes again this year, or to make a change. And now that I see it, I am glad I did choose this one. I simply love it so much. 2016_cristinaphotography_cristinaarce_emily_ley_simplified_planner_04

I am already in love with my 2016 Emily Ley Simplified Planner.