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  • Trip to LA - Sue Bryce's portrait class graduation

  • Trip to LA The whole purpose of this trip to LA was to assist the Sue Bryce's portrait class graduation. The first generation of graduates students! :) Sue Bryce Sue Bryce is an award-winning international portrait photographer currently based out of Los Angeles. For people who don't know, I can tell you that she is like the Oprah of the photography world! Sue has received many awards [...]
  • Trip to LA - The Art at Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels

  • Trip to LA After the first day in LA, I got the opportunity to visit the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. It is a breathtaking church. Modern looking but full of little gorgeous details all over. The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angeles The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angeles, designed by Spanish architect Jose Rafael Moneo, was completed in 2002.  This church was build to replace the Ca[...]
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