This is a non-photography related post, but it is the day that a lot of fans (including me) have been waiting for. Today is the Day Marty McFly went to the Future!

For “Back to the Future” fans, this week marks a milestone 30 years in the making, ever since Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) and Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) blasted their DeLorean into the future at the end of the 1985 sci-fi film. October 21, 2015 was the day that Marty landed in the future in Hill Valley, California.

Since I was a little girl, I always wondered if the future was going to be like in the movie. Flying cars, Flying skateboards, self-fitting clothes, dehydrated pizza… And today is the day!

While we still don’t have the flying cars and hover boards (can someone please get on that?) a lot of the ‘futuristic’ things in the movie are now normal pieces of our everyday lives.

Things that Robert Zemeckis’s version of 2015 from the 1989 film Back To The Future II is out there by now:


Google Glass pioneered technology that everyone has been waiting for. A fully functioning heads up display built into glasses that can connect to the Internet, and utilize other apps.


Drone capabilities are just as high tech now as Zemeckis ever dreamed them to be. They can listen in on conversations, record you from half a mile in the sky, and fire rockets into your face from that same distance.


3-D amusement has been a big thing at places like Universal Studios, where you could ride a Back To The Future experience, explore the City of Springfield with The Simpsons, and battle the armies of Skynet with the T-800.


The world may not yet be ready for a combination of the 3D virtual world and hands free gaming, but they’re getting there. The Nintendo Wii and X-Box Kinect are both huge successes in the video game market!

I am still waiting for all those flying cars, flying skateboards, self-fitting clothes, dehydrated pizza… and our 2015 is very different to the Back to the Future’s 2015, but until then there are still a few things that I can do:

1. Start saving for a real Hoverboard

The classic skateboard chase scene from the original “Back to the Future” was recreated for part 2, except this time with a hoverboard. This past summer, car company Lexus introduced a hoverboard that utilizes magnets and superconductors to defy gravity, according to Wired. It even emits steam due to the science behind the superconductors at work. The Lexus model won’t be for sale (YET?), but this development lays the groundwork for future hoverboard technology to become a reality.

Unfortunately Lexus’s model only works on surfaces embedded with magnets but I think we are getting there… it is close enough, isn’t it?

2. Drink a “Pepsi Perfect”

In 1955, Marty tried to order a Pepsi Free, but in 2015 the soda company became “perfect” according to the movie. Earlier this month, Pepsi officially threw their weight behind “Back to the Future” day by creating a limited version of “Pepsi Perfect”, which they debuted at this year’s New York Comic Con.

The limited edition of Pepsi Perfect was for sale online for the price of $20.15.

Check Pepsi’s website to see if there any still available.

3. Wear my pockets inside out!

Every era has its own fashion trends and according to “Back to the Future”, 2015 was no different. Doc Brown suggested Marty, “Pull out your pants pockets. All kids in the future wear their pants inside-out”. So, let’s do this pretty simple DIY hack: Reach into your pockets and pull them out. There.


Do you realize that starting tomorrow everything from “Back To The Future” is in the past?!
Yes. I am sad too.





UPDATE: Bad News. There is no more Pepsi Perfect 🙁

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