One of my New Year traditions is to start the New Year with a sparkling clean office!  A clean ‪Office‬ is a ‪Happy‬ office!

The philosophy of feng shui teaches us that our surroundings are closely linked with our energy levels (both positive and negative). If you’re working in a space that makes you feel negative, then you’re more likely to be less productive.

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘tidy house, tidy mind’ – well, the same goes for offices.  So, let’s start the New Year off with a clean, comfortable and tidy work space.

A few simple tweaks and additions can go a long way to improving productivity and creativity:

  • You could get the carpets cleaned, windows washed and even tidy up that store room.

  • Incorporating greenery into the office has numerous benefits, from making the air cleaner and looking healthier to actually reducing noise and stress.

  • Cleaning out drawers and cabinets, purging and tossing as you go.

  • If you’re getting a greasy laptop thanks to your hand oils rubbing off on your keyboard and trackpad, a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is a ridiculously easy way to fix the problem.

  • No one will organize the papers on your desks but you. There can be papers that you need and those you don’t. If papers are still necessary, label them and put them into drawers and cabinets. Recycle or shred old papers you no longer need.


New year, New week.

Make it a good one!

Este es mi pequenito rinconcito donde edito todas las fotos de mis clientes 🙂


Got any great cleaning tips of your own? Let’s hear ’em in the comments!

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