Q: Cristina, What’s your story and how did you ended doing photography?


I remember that on every family trip my father was always taking pictures of my mom with his Pentax MX. When I was “old” enough to hold the heavy camera he explained that the camera was a precious treasure and I needed to be verrrry careful when holding the precious camera. He also taught me to look into “the little window” and to move slowly the little “wheels” from one side to the other until I got the “green light”, which meant it was ok to take the picture–just imagine a 3 ft high little girl holding a camera bigger than her head. Yes–that was me–and that is when my curiosity for photography started.

I got my first camera when I was in fourth grade; since, then I was the “photographer of my class.” Every trip, party, birthday, and school event I was always there with my camera capturing all the fun moments of my friends and the other students. During high school I took several classes of oil and watercolor paint, mural drawings, and graphic arts. I went on to study graphic design in university where I took a few black & white photography and dark room courses.

After getting my degree, I spend several years for graphic design for commercial ads, magazines, websites, newsletters, logos for different industries from fashion to sports. It was a cool and interesting time of my life, and it went well. However, as funny as it sounds, most of the projects I had were somehow related to photography. Photography kept popping out in my life so I decided to complete a bachelor’s for photography and do what I love the most professionally.

I view photography as a natural extension of my passion for arts. With a designer’s eye, I am constantly searching for the perfect moment to tell the whole story with a beautiful composition, while applying all my knowledge of 15 years as graphic designer consultant and 10 years as a photographer. After so many years and I still get butterflies in my tummy before every photo shoot, and I still run excitedly to my computer after each shoot to download the images! 🙂

My goal in photography is not just to produce beautiful works of art, but more so to capture those moments that represents the beauty that is life and the emotions we all endure as we travel along its path. I aim to make clients feel comfortable while I work and that pictures I produce have a candid and authentic quality to them. I believe extraordinary pictures result from knowing my client’s desires. As a perfectionist no detail is ever overlooked. As a highly computer savvy designer I can add a little touch to every photo I take to go far beyond my client’s expectations.

I am a storyteller and I want to tell your story.

CristinaArce About Me Photographer

Cristina Arce About Me Photographer

And these are me doing the two things I love the most (other than photography of course) Eating a delicious cake of chocolate and enjoying the beautiful weather at the beach. Yup, these were taken JUST a few years ago 😉

Cristina Arce About Me Photographer