Do you shoot inside in a studio or do you shoot on location? Do you have a retail studio or a home studio?

We do both. We are storytellers, so each session is unique and built for that particular person.

We have partnered with two fully-equipped photography studios located in Toronto.  One in the East side, and another one in the West side.  To accommodate our clients needs. Also, we can set up a photoshoot in a boutique hotel, if that fits your vision.

For fashion and lifestyle bloggers, we can meet up at your favourite location in the city of Toronto, Mississauga or Vaughan.

For the maternity, loved ones and engagement sessions, we give the option to shoot outdoors.  There are so many beautiful parks and small lakes around to take advantage of.

The city of Brampton, Vaughan, Mississauga, and Toronto have tons of amazing non-paid outdoor locations where to take photos.

We shoot mainly in studio when it’s cold outside. Unless the theme chosen for the session is snowy!


If you want privacy and do not feel confortable in a retail studio, then we can always do the photoshoot in my homestudio or at your house.

So, why a home studio?

Privacy has always been an important part of how we do photography, and it is always a concern to many of our boudoir/fine art clients.

At the beginning Cristina was renting a retail location, however more and more clients were telling her it wasn’t as personal.  Yes, it was a big white room, high ceilings and the dream of most photographers… however it didn’t have that special-intimate-cozy feeling that she wanted for her clients.

Because she loves making her clients happy, and they are her #1 priority, she made the change. Since she took the studio to her house, all the clients were feeling more comfortable and that was reflected on their photos. They all looked stunning!

We work with many different clients; attorneys, teachers, soldier’s wives, etc. and we respect everyone’s privacy.   We also have women who are celebrating a milestone.  Whether it was weight loss, a promotion at work, or even just graduating college with three kids in tow, life is one big celebration.  We also have clients who are cancer survivors, women getting over depression or a divorce, so we needed the studio to feel special, an intimate place where they can feel stress-free and judgment-free.

Toronto Photography Studio Tour | Cristina Photo Studio :: Photography by Cristina Arce

Having said that, and as we said before, we also have a professional relationship with two commercial studios, one located in west end of Toronto and another one in downtown Toronto, if you rather have your photoshoot at these locations, just let us know, and we set everything up.

Do you want to book a photography session with us? Just click the “contact” page and send us a note!