I LOVED that today, 15 Sept 2014, the search engine giant recognized Costa Rica with a Google Doodle honouring Costa Rica’s Independence Day.
(You’ll find a traditional meal of gallo pinto, tortillas, eggs and plantains on Google’s homepage).

Most societies celebrate important dates. For the countries of the Americas, one of the most important, without a doubt, is the day in which independence was declared from their European colonial masters. In the case of most of the countries now considered part of Latin America, that day signifies independence from Spain.

The celebration of our 193rd year of independence serves as an opportunity to reflect upon the value of a democratic political system that Costa Rica has, where it rests in its ability to legitimize the government’s ability to exercise its power based on the will of the people. This is a prove of how lucky our country is, and how proud of being costarricans we should be! Not just today, but everyday.


It is important to remember that today is not only CostaRica’s independence day, but also all central american countries. For those of us of Central American origin, September 15 is remembered with much nostalgia and patriotic pride, as this day marks the annual celebration of Independence Day.

Today, all the schools get organized and grouped by areas and thousands of students (from Preschool to High School) take to the streets in every city, town and village in all the five Central American countries– Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. We celebrate with parades, marching down the streets, proud to show off each country’s flags, while being entertained along the way by the best marching bands and cheerleaders in every town and city. Every year the commemoration of Central America’s freedom from Spain erupts in festivities throughout every corner of all five countries.

In many other places the smell of traditional foods fills the streets, there is music everywhere and each house and building is adorned with country flags that shine high and bright everywhere you look.


Felíz día de la independencia a todos mis ticos y ticas queridas, desde la lejana y fria Canada <3 <3 Oh Costa Rica, siempre estas en mi corazón.

xoxoxox Cris.

PD. Now I am craving a delicious “gallo pinto”! LOL yum!


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