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In the contemporary business world competition is fierce and making the right impression is everything. Our clients are entrepreneurs from all walks of life. Women and men who want their photos taken by a professional photographer who has the experience to make them feel comfortable and look great. We love to art direct and brainstorm creative ideas with our clients for their sessions. With a dash of modern glamour, a pinch of fashion, and your personality; we will create an unique, tasteful photo with a WOW factor that will make you stand out from the crowd!

Every brand imagery and headshot session should be a fun experience.

Our goal is to take a portrait that represents you and your brand. We want the final images to be modern, classy, confident and professional.  Let’s avoid the 1980’s stuffy corporate feel.

You are…

You have a BIG VISION

Building a polished brand that attracts your dream client is not an easy task. Whether you are building a new brand from scratch, or elevating an existing one, trying to brand solo can feel a lot less like a branding process and a lot more like an identity crisis. From countless colour palettes to dissecting the difference between a sans and a serif, the decisions are endless and can feel overwhelming.

At Cristina Photography, we bring together the worlds of brand development and visual brand communication.

I specialize in Toronto Personal Branding Photography taking a unique all-inclusive approach to the branding process which means, together we will distill your big ideas down to an authentic brand story, walk through and identify all your visual creative needs, and will create the personal branding photography that will perfectly represent you and your business.

Are you ready to stop staring at a blank content calendar with no fresh images to post?

I hear so many business owners struggling to fill their content calendar simply because they don’t feel confident with their branding images, or they are tired of reusing the same headshots over and over again.  If you are at that point in your business, let’s collaborate and bring your vision to life!

How Can I Help You?



Personal Branding

If you are looking to elevate your brand, you need the all-inclusive personal branding package.

From concept to social media-ready content, I will help you plan and produce imagery that captures the heart and soul of your business.  This is not a 20-min mini photoshoot where your photographer will show up and start snapping.  We will take the time to really get to know you and your brand.  Together we will discover your one-of-a-kind gifts, what sparks your brand, your why and business values, and will explore the language of visual storytelling to create unique and personal images.

My approach to brand photography is strategic, collaborative, and streamlined from start-to-finish.


Tell your brand’s story with great custom creative visual solutions that will out-perform your competition!

Ideal for business owners, consultants, executives, coaches, real estate agents, event coordinators, entertainers, lawyers, bloggers, musicians, artists, models, actors, athletes, university & college students and for anyone who needs a variety of photos for their website, marketing materials, and/or social media profiles.

Your Experience

Your image is everything. Capturing your personality and your brand in a single image isn’t easy.

You need a professional business portrait for your website, your LinkedIn profile, business card, professional association website, advertising, political campaigns, you name it. In this connected age, business is more personal than ever and your clients want to know who you are. They want to put a face to your name and they want your face to be one they can trust.

Business headshots are about more than getting your picture taken. They convey who you are in a single image. We’ll work together to determine the best approach for you and your business (maybe an environmental portrait will serve your needs best). A professional photographer like myself has the experience to make you look your best, and I have the experience to bring out the best side of your personality during our session.

Our primary goal during the session is to profile your authenticity. We want to be true to who you are, and that means bringing your personality to light in the images. We want to present you as your authentic self, not just a face your clients recognize from a website. You want your clients to connect with you, to trust you, and, ultimately, to recommend you to their friends and colleagues.

90% of my clients don’t like having their picture taken and that’s totally okay! Don’t fear, this is not like going to the dentist. When we do a shoot, there’s nothing to be anxious about or intimidated by. You don’t need to have any experience “modeling” for photos. You just have to be yourself and we will make sure that’s what we capture. The goal is to have a great time making some stunning images together.

Your Experience includes:

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Featured Work

These are some of my favourite portraits from previous photography sessions.

Go beyond the plain headshots!.
I invest a great deal of up-front time to collaborate and develop a strategy focusing on the creation of images and lifestyle content to empower my client’s brand, incorporating their unique personality and style.  Visit my portfolio to see more Toronto personal branding photography and portraits.

Behind the Scenes

Branding Photography is the visual glue that binds your branding together across all marketing and social media channels.

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If you are an entrepreneur who needs gorgeous branded images for your business.  You want the double tap worthy content that connects with your ideal audience.  You are trying to make your business unique, trustworthy, dependable, reliable, and overall, awesome.  Then, book your photoshoot session now!

I accept commissioned photography work. Either headshots, personal branding, commercial product, or photoshoots on location, I will create a one-of-a-kind photo experience for you and your team. I’ve helped hundreds of professionals create their best personal branding photography for their websites, digital marketing, and social media; and created outstanding executive and team portraits for their offices.

If you are interested to book your photoshoot session or hiring me to create custom creative visual solutions using our ALL-INCLUSIVE BRANDING, or if you would like to set up a one-on-one consultation about any creative work for your company; please fill up the form below.

Please make sure that you give plenty of details about your project.

*Please Note: We only book limited clients per month to give you all of the 1-on-1 attention you deserve.

You deserve great brand imagery and visual graphics that make your business stand out, and improve your customer’s experience with your brand… and I am here to help you! 🙂
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