Why your digital photos might die before your grandkids see them?


You will have to decide for yourself when booking a professional photographer to create your portraits whether an all-digital package is right for you. Considering how fast technology changes… It’s only been 15-20 years since the 3.5″ floppy disk was all the rage. Where are they now? I may still have those old floppies and zip disks boxed up around somewhere but no method of retrieving them off the disks.

Our technology is changing so rapidly that unless you keep a device capable of reading the material, pick a medium FLOPPY/ZIP/CD/DVD/HDD/FLASH/???, you will not be able to read them in time. Sure, very few people will have the proper equipment/software, but most of society is focused on the newest technology which tends to NOT be backward compatible.

This is the reason why, from 2015 and on, I am changing my packages so all my clients will always receive prints, not just digital files.

Think about it, prints have been around for almost 200 years! How many out there have an 8-track tape player, cassette player, floppy reader?

Food for thought.

Remember these?




Or the worst nightmare!


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